Our Mission

To fill in the gaps of learning

How did we get our name?

Ellipsis is defined as “the omission of a word or phrase.” It is represented visually by three dots–like the three dots you see when you link two quotes together.

Our name, Ellipsis Education, represents the education that was left out and reminds us of our passion to fill in those knowledge gaps.

About Ellipsis Education Inc.

Co-founded by two sisters–Esther and Rachel Clark–Ellipsis Education Inc. grew from the passionate pursuit of helping others into an organization dedicated to serving the world community through education.

We are committed to working with endangered youth and previously convicted women and their families to provide them with the skills, tools, confidence, and opportunity they need to use their voices to impact others.

Meet the Team

I want to bring hope and joy those who are often over looked and forgotten by society by teaching them how film can help them use their voices with confidence.

Esther Clark

Chairman of the Board

Esther is a giver–ever since childhood, she has loved helping others in whatever they need. Throughout her life, Esther has served underprivileged communities not only in the United States, but also abroad. During high school, Esther attended the Northern Virginia Community College where she led over 25,000 students in service projects to better the community. To name a few, she organized blood drives, hosted Relay for Life fundraisers, tutored homeless children, and traveled to the Dominican Republic and Haiti to teach science or orphans right after the devastating earthquake of 2010.

In college, she took a brief respite from her passion to help others to earn a degree in neuroscience from the University of Pennsylvania. She went on to publish several scientific publications and have the honor of receiving a travel grant to present her research in ophthalmology as a guest speaker at the largest and most respected eye and vision research conference, ARVO.

However, she felt that focusing on helping individuals with sight problems was not enough. She wanted to be able to help the ones that maybe didn’t have the chance to get to an age where they could have sight issues. So, her passion for helping others led her onto a different path. It led her to film and writing, and how her knowledge could be used to help everyone in the community. From that, Ellipsis Education Inc. was born as a way to those in the community that others overlook.

Besides being President/CEO, Esther also serves as a writer, producer, and editor for Ellipsis Education Inc. Her passion lies in documentary filmmaking.


Rachel Clark

Vice-president of the Board
Director of Health & Wellness

Actress, producer, writer and artist, Rachel provides artistic direction for educational film storylines and presentation

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Judy Go Wong

President of the Board
Director of finance

Judy Go Wong is an American-born Chinese woman who was raised by Cantonese-speaking parents in Long Island, New York. She now lives in the Washington metropolitan area with her wonderful husband of 24 years and lovely 15-year-old daughter.

Judy began as an actress when local business owners asked her to appear in ads, websites, and TV commercials 18 years ago. She is now a SAG-AFTRA actor who has spent four seasons on House of Cards and three seasons on VEEP.

Judy does more than act. She is a voice over talent, singer, producer, director, casting director, set designer, hair/makeup artist, wardrobe artist or craft services when needed in a production. She is the author of “How to Start a Film Acting Career Right Where You Live”, a private coach for actors.

Judy is also a certified massage therapist and is presently writing a brief guide on restoring the wounded soul for eternal joy.